Community Estates - Covenants

Minimum Square Footage:

(Minimum Floor Areas do not include Porches, Breezeways or attached Garages)

  • One Story with basement - 2,000 square feet
  • 1.5 Story with basement - 1,700 square feet
  • Bi-level and tri-level - 1,800 square feet (minimum 1st floor)
  • Four-level split - 1,650 square feet (minimum 1st floor)
  • Two Story with basement - 2,400 square feet
  • Duplex - 1,400 square feet

Height, Occupancy:

No building shall exceed three stories in height. No building shall occupy more than 30% of the lot area.


No building or structure may have aluminum or vinyl siding on the exterior walls.

Permanent Structures:

No structure such as a trailer, basement, tent, shack, garage, barn, tree-house or other outbuildings shall be used at any time as a residence. Sheds of any size, of any nature or description, utilized for whatever purpose, shall be prohibited. Above-ground swimming pools of any nature or type are prohibited.


No fences greater than 4 ft. in height may be constructed around the side and rear yards of any lot. Side yard fences must be located only to the front building line. (See full covenant for fencing regarding in-ground swimming pools.)


Each residential site must have at least one coach light to be supplied by lot owner and installed by lot owner before occupancy. The coach light will be prominently displayed in the area normally designated as the front yard. Such coach light shall be operational from dusk to dawn with a photocell.


All landscaping must be completed no later than 12 months (one year) from date of occupancy.

Garbage Disposal:

Garbage collection shall be properly bagged and stored in cans within the garage; on designated days, garbage shall be picked up at the curb; garbage for pick-up shall not be placed at the curb until after 8 p.m. on the evening preceding the day of pick up.